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Written by JoAnn Bartlett Knudsen

The Reverend James McCuskey Warden, my maternal great-grandfather moved to Taylor County in 1881 with wife Joanna and seven children when he became pastor of Andrews Methodist Church. Son of Wiliam and Nancy McCuskey Warden, James was born June 24, 1833, Marshall County, and died in Buckhannon, February 12, 1914. His grandfather Samuel Warden had come from Dublin Ireland and settled in the Ohio Valley near the present site of Wheeling. 

James Warden's father William, b. August 1800; d. Feb. 1892, a Union supporter during the Civil War, was influential in forming sentiment in his community in the Northern Panhandle for the formation of the state of West Virginia.

During the Civil War, James Warden had been assigned by the West Virginia Conference to work in the southern part of the state. A Union supporter living among southern sympathizers, the young minister had several close calls. He and his family returned home one day to find their house in ashes. On another occasion, James was pulled from his buggy, tied to a tree, and saved only by the arrival of Federal troops. After a warrant was issued for him, dead or alive, James joined the Union army and served as chaplain until the end of the war.

James Warden's four sons: The Reverend William, Dr. Alfred Reger, Samuel Watson, and Dr. Frank. Each son, after graduating from college, educated the next brother in line.

The Reverend Warden's three daughters were: my grandmother, Nan Warden Hendrickson, Cora Warden Clayton and Maude Warden Kelley.

Dr. Alfred Reger Warden married Emma Pelley, and their children were Rhea and Paul (they had 2 other babies, Pauline and Alfred Reger, Jr. who died as children- Jana Knudsen Molinaro). Uncle Reg devoted his life to his medical practice in Grafton. After his death, the family learned that he had asked the pharmacists in town to bill him for medicine for anyone who couldn't pay.

Dr. Paul Warden, son of A. R., was also a highly respected doctor in Grafton. He and his wife, Eleanor Metzner, lived on Maple Avenue with children "Chuck" and Mary. Eleanor was organist at Andrews Church for twenty-five years.

Maude Warden married Ed Kelley and settled in Buckhannon. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth married Arthur "Butch" Jones and lives in Wheeling. 

Cora Warden married William Clayton and owned a grocery store in Grafton on the site of the present fire house. Their sons were Leslie and Robert. Robert Clayton taught history for many years at Grafton High.

Nan Warden, my grandmother, b. Dec. 9, 1863; d. April 21, 1928, married William Porter Hendrickson, son of James and Clarissa Brown Hendrickson. Will's father, James, b. July 18, 1837, Frostburg, Md., was foreman of the repair carpenters in the B. & O. shops and a member of the Grafton City  Council for many years. He and Clarissa moved to Grafton in 1866 and their pre-Civil War brick house on Main Street is still standing (across from senior high rise).

Will "Hitch" Hendrickson, my grandfather, was a clerk in Adelson's Clothing House (Store) and later a partner in Loar and Hendrickson, located in the building which is now McCrory's. When Nan and Will moved to their home at 124 McGraw Avenue on the West Side in October 1888, they had to ford the Tygart River in a wagon with their furniture.

Nan and Will Hendrickson were active members of Andrews and presented a stained glass window to the church in their names. They had two daughters, JoClare and Will Fred.

After JoClare graduated from Goucher College, Baltimre, 1912, she blindfolded herself and threw a dart at a map of the United States, saying that she would settle in the town where the dart landed. The town was Ione, Nevada! Aunt Jo "went west," became a teacher, married rancher Harry Phillips, had two children Kathryn and Bill, and lived in a little western town for the rest of her life.. (according to my mother JoAnn Bartlett Knudsen, JoClare was also the town dentist and taught in the nearby Indian village - Jana Knudsen Molinaro)

My mother, Will Fred Hendrickson, b. Aug 1, 1901, Grafton, married Richard Peyton Bartlett on July 17, 1923. I was the first of their children - JoAnn Bartlett, b Sept 12, 1924 (d. May 14, 2006 - Jana Knudsen Molinaro). Richard Peyton, Jr. ws born on March 16, 1926, and my sister Sue on July 9, 1929.

Will Fred attended the first Mother's Day service at Andrews Church on May 10, 1908 at age 7. She remembers the white carnations Anna Jarvis sent to the congregation, one for each son and daughter and two for the mothers. She is also a member of the Anna Jarvis Memorial Sunday School class. Will Fred graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College in 1923. Under her yearbook picture is the following verse: "Pretty to walk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant to think on." At age 83, my mother is living in Coconut Creek, Florida still "pretty to walk with and witty to talk with."

Joanna and James Warden, William Warden and wife Adah; Dr. A. R., Emma and Rhea Warden; Cora, Will, Leslie and Robert Clayton; Clarissa and James Hendrickson are all "sleeping on the hill" in Bluemont Cemetery in Grafton.

Written c. 1984.

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